Gerard Darel Mini Sac Drape !!!

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  1. I just called a Gerard Darel boutique in Paris to ask them about the new GD bag with chains!

    So here is what i found out:

    • The name of the bag is : Mini sac drape
    • They are going to start selling it on march 15th
    • They only had the bag in the store ika went to as a model,the bag was brown without the front pockets and with a broze chain
    • The SA doesn't know yet what colours will be available
    • The bag will be available with and without front pockets
    • The retail is 306 Euro
    I think that's all!:amuse: So for everyone who is interested in that bag, we have to wait a couple of weeks :suspiciou

    Here is the pic again ika found on the web

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  2. cool design .. so western :biggrin::biggrin:
  3. Love the chain strap. Love it! The pockets, I'm not so sure. I think I would love the one that they've currently got in the store.

    I was going to buy a Charlotte from a store here. I wonder if I should wait for the chain strap (provided that my store continues to carry this line...). Dilemma.
  4. Thanks, Darelgirl, I really love that bag!
  5. Melisande, if you like the one with the chain strap better than I would wait a couple of weeks :nuts:

    Greenie your are welcome :amuse: But it seems that no one likes the bag except us :P
  6. I like the bag too...but without the pocket, and in the normal size!
    Darelgirl, did u order something from them?
  7. No Ika! They do not have the bag yet! So i can't order!

    But hopefully on march 15th:love:
  8. Thanks for all the info, darelgirl
  9. thank's daregirl for the pic...i like the front pocket one :nuts:
  10. Darelgirl

    Thanks so much for that report, you are sooo nice to do this! :smile: I'm happy to know that the chain bag is available w/out the pockets. I actually like it better that way.
  11. Cute!
  12. We are pioneers, my dear! They'll catch on! ;)

  13. You are welcome :P I actually don't know which one i like better w/out pockets! I've never seen the bag without pockets! But i like the one in the pic very much :love:

  14. :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
    You are so right :amuse:
  15. Darelgirl- Why is the bag called the "mini" sac drape? Is it smaller than the regular? What size does it look like? Sorry so many questions... *blush* :smile:
    I'm so excited, I really like this bag. I wonder if they will ship to America...
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