Gerard Darel Midday Midnight Bag Differences

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  1. Hi, I am kind of new to the forum and to Gerard Darel bag. I saw a few pictures online and fell in love with the Midday Midnight bag. But I also noticed that there are several bags called Midday Midnight:

    Midday Midnight Barcelona
    Midday Midnight Saint-Germain Crazy
    Midday Midnight "36 Hour" Sorrento Bag (Saw this on shoprumor, supposedly for the fall/winter season)

    I couldn't find much info on these bags and can't really tell the difference from just the pictures. Is there a size difference or leather difference or simply just different colors?

  2. Kazu I'm sorry that I don't have any answers for you but these bags are gorgeous!! The wine 36 hour sorrento especially has me drooling. :drool: Why don't you call Shop Rumor? Maybe they will have the info. :smile:
  3. I would love to know what the drop sizes are on these bags. The up and coming wine 36 hour Sorrento bag is stunning!

  4. I've been wondering the same thing! I want to order one SO badly, but I feel like I have to know everything about it before I order it.
  5. The fall/winter collection is finally up on the GD website. The Sorrento line appears to be all patents. STUNNING leathers and colours! :drool:
  6. All different styles.
  7. The difference is the leather. Actually the Barcelona is glazed leather, the Saint-Germain calf leather and the Sorrento patent leather. Also the Saint Germain Crazy comes in very flashy colours (red, bleu, green, purple...) The size is the same for all of these bags I think (45-36-18 cm)
  8. Oh sorry I think I made a mistake. Actually the 36h is a little bigger than the "normal" Midday Midnight!
  9. Is there anywhere where we can see pictures of the different sized bags? I've seen all the celebrity pictures, but someone told me they all have the 36 hour bag. I've been searching everywhere for a picture of the 24 hour Midday Midnight on a body, but I can't seem to find a picture anywhere!
  10. why don't you try Delcina at they're like the only online shop that sells GD.
    they have MM36 pics. it looks like the glazed leather but they call it cracked...a few more colors are coming in September. they just had their private pre-sale.
  11. If you call the UK store and talk to Gary, the manager, he'll send pictures of whatever you want.
  12. Thanks everyone for your response. I think I will go for a Barcelona 36. I also heard that the celebs have 36. As for the size of 24, I assume the full/winter GD python one is 24?
  13. I had a 24 - it was too small for me (but I like big bags) The 36 heure is perfect. I even bought a 48 heure. Haven't used them yet, of course. I have too many damn bags!
  14. I didn't even know there was a 48 heure! I'd love to see pictures of your bags -- especially the inside :nuts: