Gerard Darel look alike

  1. what do yall think, it's marc by marc jacobs..First glance I thought it was GD.
  2. Do you have a bigger pic...I am still trying to figure out the tassle things?! I love the color, the strap length, and the details.
  3. i do not like it. i like the GD better
  4. Lol, happypug! That photo is sooo cute! Is that a greenie he/she is chomping on? Love pugs!
  5. It doesn't look like a GD at all.
  6. no, it doesn't
  7. I thought it looked like GD because of the side tassles. thats all. The bigger pic is on Bergdorfs site. I don't like the bag at all.
  8. yes, the tassels kind of remind of the charlotte style but nothing more;)
  9. I think it does look like the GD. There are a lot of bags coming out lately that look like GD. Tanner Krolle has one, albeit, longer, but they are all copying because it's such a popular bag!