Gerard Darel Leather Flap

  1. Hi everyone, first of all this is my first post (other than the intro post) and I think this is a great board.

    I would like to ask the GD experts out there if the Leather Flap bag shown on NM and BG websites is really huge. I ordered this based on the pics together with the one with chains but now I realise that it is 21 inches and this seems really huge!. Did I make a mistake?:girlsigh: Appreciate any views.

  2. Hi Jes. Welcome!!! I am not sure about the flap, but I have the GD with chains. It is big, but don't think it is too big. It is very soft and slouchy, so it fits nicly under my arm. I bet you will love it. Make sure to posts pics when you get it! Did you get brown or black?
  3. It is SUPER slouchy, an unless you have it stuffed, I don't think it would be too bad.
  4. Thanks you guys! I ordered the leather flap in brown and black and the chain one as well. Mad am I - I know:wlae:

    Will definitely post pics once I get them- they'll have to ship from the US to Asia where I am. Thanks once again.
  5. Post pictures please! I'm dying to see them!!!!
  6. i like the GD bag with the flap, better than without it. It sort of "focuses" the bag...
  7. I agree! Kind of a point of interest...
  8. I'll be getting it prob this Fri and will definitely post pics
  9. ohhhh congrats on your new purcheses!!! You will love those bags!!! Please post pics when you get them!!
  10. Well I've gotten it - 3 of them actually. 2 are the leather flap bags. They are huge but not as huge as I feared , one in brown and the other in black. Will post pics as soon as I can figure out how to do so with my phone :sad:

    The 3rd bag is the one with chain handles and that is really , really nice. I really love that one.