Gerard Darel in the US

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  1. Got my March Shop Etc. magazine in the mail today. Anyways, they feature Gerard Darel and apparently the line will now be carried at Bergdorf Goodman. I know NM owns BG, so I don't know if that also means that NM will carry the line. But thought I'd give everyone a head's up if you were trying to find GD in the US.
  2. Oh my gosh!!! When? I hope they will carry it at NM or Saks. They don't have BG here in SF. How exciting :biggrin:
  3. Thanks for the info Wicked. I have trying to get a hold of GD bag but I gave up for while until now!! again!! Do you know when BG is going to have it? I have to order from online since we don't have BG in Houston. Maybe NM will have it huh?
  4. Looks like it's starting with Spring bags. You could give BG a call and get more info. The phone number listed by the magazine is 1-800-558-1855.
  5. Whoa, cool! Does your mag say anything about the designer? Maybe I should pick up a copy too :smile:
    They don't have BG here in L.A. either :cry:
  6. i'm so glad for you americans!!
    hope you'll have lots of colours
  7. Yay! Although, I'm sure the price will go up!
  8. Wonderful news!!
  9. How is everyone else getting this bag in the U.S.? I've called Balisimo (sp?) in Redondo Beach, and it's always the answering machine! I've been wanting the tan or gray. I like that their price is more reasonable at $325, though still a markup from the euro MSRP.
  10. Slickskin, did you see this grey one? I posted it a few days ago, someone said it looks real (I think it was divina). This seller sends it worldwide too, good luck.
    Those of us who have it, got it in Europe.
  11. The owners probably sick of people calling! Here list is a mile long...LOL

    Best bet would probably be to contact Marta @ Isabella and she if she can help find a local seller. I think Serendipity got hers in NJ locally through Marta.
  12. I don't think I did, but I do recall seeing a pic of the grey somewhere. What do you mean by "it looks real?" Please don't tell me there are fake Gerard Darels coming out! :evil:

    My parents are going to Spain and Greece this summer, but I don't know if these countries carry the line. Don't know anyone else in Europe! :sad:
  13. In greece you will definitely find no GD shop:oh:
  14. yes.
    it seemed authentic to me, i hope i'm not wrong :huh:
  15. if someone want to check out if bags sold on are real just tell me, i'll help.