Gerard Darel in the US

  1. I've become obsessed with these bags. Any idea where I can get one online? Or at a store in NYC?:confused1:
  2. This is a long shot, but I just looked in my copy of Elle Accessories, because I remembered seeing a GD in there. It says that the bag can be purchased at a shop called Dannielle B in NYC. I found this when I Googled them:

    Dannielle B
    1034 Lexington Ave
    New York, NY 10021
    (212) 772-8153
  3. has one or two Gerard Darel bags. It's kind of funny: you can find almost any brand in NYC, and you want the brand that isn't there. I live three blocks away from a GD boutique, but I'd rather have access to the brands in the shops of NYC...:p Go figure.

    Have you checked the GD website lately? It used to only show a picture, but it has been update and has the new collection up (in the French language section anyway; I couldn't get the english version to work, but maybe that's because I'm in France).
  4. Thanks gals, I'll definitely follow up on your leads. Yip Dev, I've seen the website and I desperately want a bag in the peau color, which according to babelfish means skin. I want to meet the woman with skin that lovely. As you can tell the english doesn't work for me either, but I speak "handbag" so that's okay.
  5. Last year, I bought two from BG. You might try giving them a call. If Ilona is still there, she's the SA who helped me.
  6. Also, Balisimo in California 310-543-5540, and Hamrah in NJ 201-871-4444. Also a company called Nada & Co. I think they're in New York. Don't have a phone number.
  7. I'd checked the website and the boutiques were over the world, but US...I really want a GD bag now especially after I saw the "Desperate Housewives" on Sunday, Gabrielle and Edie both carried GD bags. :love:
  8. ^^What models and colors were shown? (were they carrying?)
  9. Hahaha maybe we should help you get bags here and you can get us GD bags! HAHAHAHA
  10. The first one - Gabrielle (I guess it was this bag w/ fringes)
    Second one - Edie (I am very sure about her bag because it had a close shot.)
    Havana_fringes.jpg MelroseGold.jpg
  11. I was on a crazed search yesterday for a Gerard Bag.. I had just gotten back from Paris and I was not able to fit anything else in my suitcases so I figured how hard could it be to get one ? Well I found one at bagshop and ordered it then went to last call Neimans outlet in sawgrass and got it for 140 dollars:smile: I did the happy dance all night last night.. I hope Gerard comes more main stream in the states.. its a beautiful bag..
  12. As someone mentioned up top, Dannielle B has Gerard Darel bags in stock. That's where I purchased mine. She was lovely and very helpful. She also happened to be carrying her own GD, which I found very funny.