Gerard Darel Handbags....

  1. Did any of you receive that Gerard Darel private order sale thru email? They list the bags that are available for pre-order... do you know what these bags look like? I'm not too familar with them... please post pictures or a link indicating what bags are what if you can... Thanks so much! :nogood:
  2. I did - but the prices were so high I'm going to pass.
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  5. I didn't receive the e-mail - what site was it from and what was the bags for sale and price range?
  6. You just have to sign up on to receive their emails... i don't know if it would be too late or not to sign up and get an email from them... i'm not sure what the price ranges are going to be... i'm trying to find that out, the email is only specific for the people on their emailing lists... its like one link per person or something? and it takes place tomorrow, i believe the bags may start at like 500 or so... i'm not too familiar with them... hope this helps!
  7. Weird. Whenver I click on the pre order button, it shows all of someone's info. It's different each time. Last time I clicked I got a Rissa Landman in NYC? Hopefully it's not someone's real info but it looks real!
  8. Painted Night Sky, are you saying when you are on the website or is thru your email? As far as I know I didn't think you could pre-order til tomorrow...?? :confused1:
  9. I see what you mean paintednightsky, i just went to, and i believe its just an example because i get the exact same thing that pops up, this is probably just for someone to get registered on their mailing lists... i wonder why it saved to their website... your right though, i hope thats not real!
  10. $500!? They raised it? $425 was reported in the other thread.

    :smash: This is disappointing.
  11. Sorry don't quote me on that michellebelly... i'm not sure... if they said $425, then we should go by that... do you know if they are having a discount on all of them then? any one have any pics??
  12. I guess we'll have to wait and see about the price. I don't know if $425 is official either. :confused1:

    Have you checked the Gerard Darel website? You can see the styles on there, but from what I've heard, Delcina will have their own pictures too. However, I don't think they will offer any discounts.

    It looks like they will be selling the 24 Heures Plain Front in black, ice blue metallic, beige, natural, and navy.
    36 Heures Plain Front in black and hazelnut.
    And 48 Heures Zip Front in black and light beige.
  13. i saw that ... i just don't know what those particular bags look like... ?? i looked on their website, but don't see a Heures Plain Front anywhere? :confused1:
  14. They are either the Saint Germain bags (like the second one on the right) or the Barcelona (second one on the right) bags. The difference between the two styles, I believe, is the hardware. I'm not sure which style they'll be selling.
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