Gerard Darel fall 2007

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  1. I loved the new fall bags! I really love the new larger hardware on the Barcelona line!
    why oh why can't I get these bags in the states?!?!
  2. I like them, nice!!
  3. I love the havane collection. Wish I could get my hands on one.
  4. Oh god that Barcelona in burgundy is killing me. I wish the buyers in the US dept stores would wake up to these bags. The other night I was in Bloomies and yes they had some Darel bags, BUT it was the knitted ones.
  5. I adore the new hardware. :heart:
  6. they're all just simply gorgeous! i really hope that they carry the St. Germaine & Havane line in some US stores
  7. Why aren't more U.S. stores carrying Darel, anyway? What is up? Bad distribution in the U.S.? Not able to service the American market? No advertising in the U.S. yet? Maybe they want the price point to jump up before they plunge in? Who knows?
  8. These bags look so beautiful and well made, I can't believe that no one in the US wants to sell these!!
  9. Beautiful bags, want one!!
  10. I LOVE all things GD. My 24 heures in black is probably my all time favorite bag, ever... even over Balenciagas that cost triple the price. Love the new collection too!

    ETA: Does anyone know of any French websites that will ship these bags to the states?
  11. ^ Oh you say what I want to say. I have this huuuge weakness for Gerard Darel bags. I can't explain why.

    It would be great if I know of any place that sells Gerard Darel bags through the mail. I want to increase my inventory many, many times.

    If you do know of any such places, please share. I wouldn't mind paying some on top of the retail in France. If only GD Paris sells over the phone, like BalParis. :wtf:
  12. I also love the new fall collection. Especially the St. Germain style. I would also like to know if there is a website where you can order the bags from. I do live in Europe but unfortunately not in France.
  13. I agree, the Fall collection is brilliant! I sold my GD 24 this summer, and would love to replace it with one of the styles that has an exterior pocket/zipper.
    Any idea what the sizes are on any of these? I wish the website listed them.
  14. Hi everyone! I e-mailed asking them if they've heard of the line and ever considered carrying them. I got a reply thanking me for the info since they are always looking for the hottest new bag designers. She said she was forwarding the information to the buyer. So, if you really want some fall Gerard Darel bags, I suggest e-mailing them and letting them know you are interested in the line, too.
  15. ^^ I will! Thanks circoit!