gerard darel experts

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  1. anyone can tell what style this is? it looks kinda like the charlotte but not exact... or could it be a fake? :worried:

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  2. They've got a lot of new styles out there that are not sold in the US yet. Is that from french ebay?
  3. Do you think there are fake Gerard Darel's out there?? I know he is very popular in Europe...are fakes of his purses common there??
  4. I have no idea.
  5. I don't know about this one, but should ask divina_lucilla and boudoir, they have seen the new ones in the shops.
    Someone mentioned that there are fakes/imitations of charlotte in Paris already. And I have seen some on ebay sold as "charlotte inspired" or "charlotte style".
  6. :biggrin: thanks everyone... yes its from ebay france. i will wait and see if boudoir or divina_lucilla reply to this thread... but having said that I do like the colour of that bag (which the seller calls "pastel green")...
  7. have to add a question about the white label - most of the GD 24 h sac has either a red label or a leather tag... so why is this one white?
  8. I have a 3 different colours of the charlotte 24(black,camel and tourquoise) The black and the camel have red GD labels and the tourquoise has a light blue label.
    I think the colour of the label depends on the colour of the bag. And to mention the leather label, maybe all the new GD bags get one.....
  9. darelgirl is right. The newer style bags have the diff. tag.

    I say if you like the bag, get it. It's really cute! Do they offer a return policy if you're not satisfied?
  10. Hi! I can't guarantee to have the answer on this one, ... but it really looks like someone wanted to milk the Gerard darel trend along with the Balenciaga?

    I've never seen this style but they do come out with different styles all the time. The ties aren't placed at the usual place.
    The leather looks too waxy.
    The label seems of poor quality but it could be just because it's a used bag.
    There are already fakes in Paris.

    Could I have the link of the auction?
  11. I've never seen one like this on the street... Also, the tag inside is a little skewed compared to the zip and there seems to be a thread hanging off it as well.

    I'm no expert though.