gerard darel: couple of bags on NM last call

  1. for the GD fans on this board:

    charlotte in gold: $350 down to $175

    flap satchel: $635 down to $318

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  2. Ooooh la la, someone grab that flap satchel!
  3. I'm waiting for the brown flap satchel to arrive. Hope I like it.
  4. oh my god, i've been seriously wanting this bag (the brown leather flap satchel)...unfortunately i'm on a bag ban...i just bought a mulberry...

    ohlalala...i was hoping that the price would get lower since it's now officially "last call", but it hasn't yet...i could get it now and wait for the price to drop and get a price adjustment...but...i have christmas bills and student loans to pay! :cry:
  5. I ordered the Gerard Darel Satchel in brown and the Furla Alberta shoulder bag in coffee several days ago. According to the tracking info, they will arrive to me on Wednesday--MY BIRTHDAY!!!! This morning, I drove to my local NM and had the SA hold three bags from their sale tables. I guess their 2nd cut is tomorrow, so I just gave them my cc and then I can pick them up tomorrow or later. They are holding a brown IF Whiplash Tabatha clutch, a Bottega Veneta large satchel, and an Andrew Marc large tote. I wasn't given a receipt because they aren't charged until I pick them up. Individually, the prices were about $164 for the IF, $1200 for the BV, and $300 for the AM. I wasn't terribly impressed with the sale bags in the store.......there are so many more online. Also, I think those in the store were seasons old!!! For the last hour, I have searched dozens of sites trying to find these bags to compare prices just to make sure that I am getting a great deal. Since I did not write down the exact prices or styles, I am depending on my memory......and lately, it ain't that great!!!! Anyway, I can't find the BV anywhere online. It is similar to their flap-pocket bag which retails for about $1800. Last year (before I realized that replica bags were a WASTE of money), I bought a replica of that bag for $300 on eBay. I can't find an online store that has this bag I have on hold.....or for that matter, the AM bag. Now I am debating on whether or not to buy those being held. Sometimes I buy things just because they are on sale and I think I am getting a great deal! I think this is one of those many times!!! Help!
  6. I went ahead and bought it...i couldn't take it anymore...i'm having it delivered to my job so my parents won't give me "that look" whenever I buy a new bag...:s
  7. Good deals!!
  8. darn it! i've been wanting a gerard darel 7 the brown is TDF, unfortch i'm on a ban till the summer :sad:
  9. Is that GD bag very heavy??? Does anyone know??? TIA!
  10. My GD bag won't be delivered until Wednesday....I'll let you know then. I went into the local NM today, but they did not carry it.
  11. I asked an NM customer rep and they said the GD bag is only on the NM website...
  12. ^^^Thanks! I saw the other GD bag in brown at NM last week. First time I saw it IRL and it was TDF!!!!!!!:love: The leather was the softest ever!!! It wasn't heavy but I don't know anything about the GD flap satchel.
  13. Is the flap satchel very large? I know the smaller one is the perfect size, but have never seen the large one in person...And is it very heavy? Those of you that's got the bag, lease let us know, thanks!
  14. those are really good prices.. thanks for letting us know..
  15. Should I get the Darel Gerard black or brown flap satchel??? HELP!!!!!:confused1: I have a black coat and wear a lot of black. Help!!!!! Thanks!!!!!