Gerard Darel coming soon to Delcina!!!

  1. I'd heard rumors of this, so I wrote to them and got this response:

    "Thank you for your inquiry.

    Yes, DELCINA is confirmed for Gerard Darel handbags beginning with their Spring 2008 line. Designed in France, made in Italy. We are truly excited to be included.

    No doubt these brilliant, hard-to-get handbags will draw high attention and sell out quickly. As a benefit to our happy, loyal clients, DELCINA will be introducing and announcing PRIVATE PRE-ORDER opportunities to our existing clients shortly. Must order to get allocation from limited quantities.

    We hope you enjoyed our service. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


    Client Services Team

    I can't wait! I've heard horror stories about the few stores that carry GD, so hopefully, this will work out!
  2. ^^Can you preorder NOW? If so what models and sizes are they offering?
  3. I looked on their site, and nothing is up yet. In the email it just says they'll be offering it "shortly", whatever that means!
  4. This is from an email they sent to me a few weeks ago. Of course things can change all the time but here it goes:

    Given that only four (4) styles are offered to the US market by Paris, DELCINA will carry all four styles in varying colors and sizes. A representative list of our Spring collection is:

    Light Beige
    Ice Blue Metallic
    Light Brown


    This collection made available to the US market are the classics. The more trendy collection is available in Europe and not sold directly to the US.

  5. ^^OMG - if that's truly their stock then I'd be in heaven! I've never heard of this retailer before: I assume their stock is authentic? Does anyone have experience shopping with them, re: customer service?
  6. beauxgoris, I recently dealt with Delcina. I had asked about a Jenny Yeun bag in sapphire. They were AMAZING to deal with. I needed the bag within a certain time period b/c I was going away on a trip. They sent me the bag directly from JY. Unfortunately I did not like the bag and they accepted my return and are refunding me as well. They also have been very attentive to all my emails.

    I know others on the forum also have had great experiences with Delcina. I don't want to speak for anyone but I can name at least two (and these particular two posters buy A LOT of bags) :p
  7. Looks like Delcina site is very promising. Cannot wait they carrying Gerard Darel.
  8. Any updates! I can't wait!
  9. I've never bought anything from Delcina, but they've been very prompt and professional in responding directly to my emails...not just mass generated stuff.
  10. They're going to carry the 36 hrs? :yahoo: Yay! I really want to get one, I think it would be the perfect size to use for school. Does anyone know if Delcina will be carrying the lower end or higher end bags? I'm still really confused on how to tell which is which. And why does it say the bags are "designed in france, made in Italy"? Mine says "made in france" :confused1:
  11. I wish I knew what "models" of the GD bags they were carrying - and what their prices would be.
  12. I sent them an email asking for an update on GD. This is part of the email:

    DELCINA will be introducing the line late next week to our registered clients. Private Pre-Order is expected to be in January 2008.

    I suggest contacting them if you are interested. At this point, I am content with my one GD bag...... I think!