Gerard Darel Charlotte Question

  1. My much-awaited blue GD Charlotte arrived in the mail today. I love the leather, and the general shape of the bag, but it's much bigger than I expected. It is nearly 20" long from one end to the other. Can one of you pros tell me if that's right for a Charlotte 24? I searched the threads (and ebay) for dimensions, but failed.

  2. You might have gotten the large size one. I think, and I'm not sure since I'm only just researching them on the net myself, that the medium is the size of a regular Paddy.
  3. Hmm.. I just measured mine length wise and it was about 16 inches long. I assumed I had the Charlotte 24, but I'm not sure about it (got it from Bergdorf about 2 months ago)
  4. Very weird. Does anyone know how big a Charlotte 36 is???
  5. Clu0984, thanks for the post. I got mine at Bergdorf as well. I paid $395. Seems like if I got a bigger purse, I'd have paid more than you. Can you tell me if this is what you paid?
  6. I paid $395 for my camel GD from BG. It's a big bag but is about the same size as my paddy satchel.
    Do you like it?
  7. Yup, I paid $395. When I measured my bag, i just measured its longest length (at the bottom) lying it flat- so the drawstring part on the side shouldn't affect it. Though my measurement could be off, I don't think it was close to 20 inches. That is so odd...
  8. Hmmm, I may never know the answer to this. I sent an e-mail to the US GD distributor to get dimensions, but haven't gotten an answer yet. In the meantime, I called Bergdorf and arranged a return (NEVER call Bergdorf during a sale -- it took me over an hour to get hold of a human without getting hung up on or lost in eternal hold mode).

    I do really like the bag -- the leather is exactly what I had hoped. But the thing is just huge. More like a duffel bag than a purse. I'm not a big person, and the bag just looks silly on me.

    I'm wondering if I was accidentally sent the Charlotte 36 instead of the 24. In the end, though, it doesn't matter. It's too big, so it goes back. And this is after 6 months of looking for the thing!

    Thank you, ladies, as always for your help!
  9. That stinks that you don't like it, Kathy! Well, at least you know you can find any bag you want, given some time! It sounds like you received the 36. I have a 24 and it is not duffle-like at all. Sorry you didn't like the blue!
  10. Sorry to hear that you had to return the GD, Kathy - I was about to ask you for pics of it.
  11. i'm sorry about the return too. My 24 definitely is not duffel like. Maybe you will come across it in the future.