Gerard Darel Charlotte 24 purse...

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  1. Ok now that I saw darelgirl's bag I have to have one of these lol :nuts:

    Price is good too for such a nice bag! Think it would be too big for someone short 5'?

    Also, where can I find one? There's one on ebay and it's definitely authentic but has the flap instead of the snap top, which I prefer.

    Can anyone help me??? Thanks!
  2. Twinklette, there have been several threads on these bags, including information on where to buy. Do a forum search, and a wealth of information will be yours. :biggrin:
  3. Welcome to the GD fans club. As pseub said, there are a few threads already about it, hope you find them.

    I am only 5'1", it doesn't look big on me at all, it's the perfect size shoulder bag plus the strap is not too long. I don't like bags that hang too far down from my shoulder because of my height.
  4. I was so surprised to see that they have brought GD in to my local Holt Renfrew. Definitely a new thing! I'm glad they did it.
  5. What? Which Holt are you referring to? And how much are they selling for, melisande? I would run down to have a look if they have it in my local HR.
  6. In Ottawa. I just walked in there (last week, granted) and they had a whole sign up, for the bags, and several bags displayed. Keep in mind that Ottawa is very small, so the selection wasn't huge. Also, I was rushing to a meeting (I intend to go back, but haven't been able to -- especially since I wanted to look more closely at these bags), so I didn't get to actually hold the bags, or check the pricing. Sorry I'm not more helpful. But I did do a double take, when I saw the sign and the bags, as I was passing through.
  7. OMG, I am in O-town as well, i can't believe they have it, heading down to look at them for sure tomorrow.
  8. KK, I hope that I wasn't dreaming or anything -- now I'm worried! I was rushing through the store... I need to go back and double check for myself tomorrow. I'll feel totally guilty if I've steered you wrong.
  9. melisande, you are correct, they do have GD in HR now. But they are only testing the O-town market so they only have 3 colours for the charlotte 24 (camel, black and greyish blue), and just a bigger dark brown one with a flap which I fell in love with right away. They checked for me if there is dark brown charlotte 24 in any other HR, nope! So I am so bummed now. The one with the flap is so nice but way too big for my everyday use and the leather is deliciously soft grain calf leather.:sad:
  10. Twinklette the bag won't be too big for you so don't worry! I don't know where you can find it in the US! I recall reading something about a isabella company but i'm not sure!!!:wacko:
  11. what was the price at Holt Renfrew? I will be in Ottawa later this week for work and might have to check them out.
  12. Phew, what a relief, KK. I'm glad I wasn't hallucinating! I'm sorry that they didn't bring in what you wanted, however.

    I hope Ottawa buys up those GD so that they continue to carry (and expand) the line.
  13. Sorry, I meant I hope people like them and buy them so that Holt's continues to carry the line -- am tired so typing is unclear!
  14. I hope so too melisande, you should go ahead and grab one first. The colour of that big brown one is really rich, it kind of reminds me of the paddington or the mulberry bayswater (the ones I saw in person at least, so don't shout at me) but nicer. This big one has different leather than the 24 though.

    Addictedtopurse, it is C$395 (plus 15% tax) and the bigger one is C$680 (plus tax again).
  15. Yes, I have to get down there soon -- maybe tonight or tomorrow and see. Thanks for reporting back, KK. I'm going to make sure I let Holt's know how pleased I am to see the line here -- that should maybe help them get a sense of consumers reaction to the GD line here.