Gerard Darel - Canadian Prices

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  1. So I emailed Ogilvy in Montreal last week about Gerard Darel bags and their prices, what they have in stock and how to order, the girl who replied, called Christele was very informative - the prices are in Canadian dollars - but I'd figured this can be an alternative for those who want a Darel bag, since now its not really a matter of getting a good deal, finding a good deal is a bonus, the key point is to find them and that they are available to order.

    So this is the email I got from them:

    Unfortunatly we don't have 48-hour hanbags in our store at the moment. However we have a few of the 24-hour ones. We have the "Saint-Germain" in ecru ($ 506), brown ($ 506) and gold ($ 518), the "Saint-Germain" with zippers in black ($ 725) the "Saint-Germain" in brown quilted and with zippers ($ 1005). We also have a grey 24-hour handbag with 2 pockets in front ($ 679). All the prices before-mentionned do not include the taxes.

    As for the the order procedures, we usually do it by fax. We first send you a credit card authorization form with all the details of your purchase which you have to complete and then send us back at our fax number 514-845-0579. We then charge your credit card with the appropriate amount and directly ship you the item you requested at the address mentionned. If you need more information, you can surely contact us by phone at our boutique. The phone number is 514-842-7711 ext. 400.

    I hope this information some of you will find useful. Oh, and just so you know, taxes for Quebec is 13%
  2. Thanks tenmosquito! That is vey helpful! Why, oh why, are stores only carrying the black and brown shades. I'd love to find one in that Marine blue color.
  3. Is the "st. germaine" the traditional 24 hour bag? Can they ship to the states?
  4. According to what I know of these bags - I do believe that the St Germaine are the traditional 24 hour bags.

    I am not sure about them shipping to the States - but I am sure you can call them and ask. I honestly don't see why not. I would suggest you to see if you can find one in the States before you consider Canada tho - cuz it is obviously more expensive!
  5. ^^I wonder why they're SO EXPENSIVE in Canada? I don't get it?

    Why else? :crybaby:
  7. ^^I did a currency converter and w/o taxes and shipping the standard 24 bag was $475.00 - that's a huge price hike!
  8. No, they can't ship to the states. What I was told is that it's a Gerard Darel thing and not the store. They can ship other designers but not GD.