Gerard Darel Camel - Keeper?

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  1. Now that I have finally got the awaited Charlotte in Camel, the love/hype seems to have diminished. The bag is great, the leathers is buttery soft, perfect size that can be carried on shoulder. I am thinking I might have chosen the wrong colour, I shouldn't have gotten the dark brown instead. Darelgirl, Divina, please help. Or anyone? Should I keep it?:wacko:

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  2. It's cute! And with the camel, you can use all year (whereas with the dark brown, I think it's more of a fall/winter color).
  3. Wow, where did you get it from? I've been on a waiting list forEVER. It's a pretty bag, and I really like that color, great for spring, and more neutral than a chocolate brown.
  4. That colour is so beautiful!! I would keep it. You can use it all year and it matches your boots. Where did you get it?
    I am waiting for a dark brown with studs, I hope it gets here soon.
  5. The bag is GORGEOUS!!!
  6. KK congrats on your gorgeus bag! I personally think that the colour is lovely!!!! I wouldn't get the dark brown if i were you but thats your call:amuse:

    The light brown looks really yummy and I would keep it!!!!!
  7. Very pretty! :biggrin:

    Is that what GD says the name for that color is? Camel?
  8. I agree. That is why I went with the Spy in honey. It will be a bag for all seasons. :P
  9. I think the color is great! I have the chocolate brown and wish I had the camel.:P
  10. I got the GD in chocolate brown from BG in NYC. I would have much rather had it in camel... I ended up returning the chocolate brown--it was nice, but kinda "blah." Plus it sorta looked like Kenneth Cole bags that are out there in the same color, but for 1/2 the cost.

    That camel is REALLY nice! Where'd you get yours--now I'm thinking I could really use that purse! Too bad I don't still have mine--we could have traded! lol.
  11. Oh, I really like that. If you hate it and want to get rid of it, pm me! (this is me, not holding my breath) Seriously, I think it is nice.
  12. I like this colour -- I think it might be better than a darker brown colour.
  13. KK where did you get your bag? It's lovely! :smile:

    Is it really shiny IRL, or is it the flash?
  14. My aunt got it for me from the Gerard Darel shop in Paris a few weeks ago and I just got it in the mail today (bummer got taxed at 30%). The colour under the sun and with flash appears to be camel and delicious, but then appears to be darker without the sun like a light brown (see the middle picture), I guess that’s what put me off (I am being really honest here, because one of you might want to buy it from me if I don’t want to keep it). Darelgirl, is yours like this too? I will be staring at it for the whole weekend to decide, I know I will! In the meantime, I won’t take it out in case I decide to let it go.

    Shyloo, could you be an angel and post your dark brown with studs once you get it? I’d love to see it.

    Bjara, yes camel, that’s how they call it when I called them in Paris.

    Spiralsnowman, it’s shinny as nice nourished leather, not shinny like pleather. It doesn’t look overly shinny.

  15. I think it's beautiful. The size and shape is perfect! Is there anywhere to get them in the US? The leather looks so soft. Mmmm!