Gerard Darel Camel Charlotte 24 on ebay!

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  1. I know, in the English description box, but it's clearly the light brown from the picture. And in the French description, it says "it's the colour brown with a hint of shinniness. It's not for sale anymore." But it's clearly still available in the stores.

    Anyway, as I said, I just wanted to share as some gals are obviously looking for this bag.
  2. Yes, it sure is! LOL

    That was nice of you to post the auction for whoever is looking for one of these. :biggrin:
  3. I wonder if any of our fellow members are bidding on it.:nuts:
  4. do they ship to the US and for how much if so? I can't read french :sad: I love that bag!!!
  5. Thanks for posting that, sadly i've forgotten any french i learnt at school oh so many years ago (like, erm more than 12 years ago lol):wacko:
    Therefore, any translations gratefully accepted:P :biggrin:
  6. Would it look like I am promoting this bag if I translate it especially I might be selling the very same bag? Oh well, just for you fellow members! Other French speakers, please do not catch me with any mistakes, it's not my 1st or 2nd language. I am just translating it almost word by word, so don't ask me for any further information. NOTE: it's an UNOFFICIAL translation!

    "Magnificent bag Charlotte of Gerard Darel. Used 2 times, I am selling it because I have another charlotte 24hr in another colour. It’s sold with its dust bag. It’s bought in December. It is the colour brown with a hint of shininess, this colour is not sold anymore. It’s a must.
    Zero profile, please warn/inform me before bidding, otherwise I will be obliged to cancel the bidding.
    Negative profile? Sorry, but it’s not possible! (after a number of abuses, I take precaution)
    Shipping fee is at the bottom. However, if you wish a delivery with a particular method, please advise me before bidding so I could study/explore the possibilities, otherwise the delivery will be according to the ad. I don’t do handing-over in Paris. Please make the payment within 7 days, otherwise, I will be obliged to repost the sale and send ebay a complaint.

    I am not responsible to the risk of mailing and the delivery time. Good bidding!

    Well, it says in English that she ships Worldwide, you should send her a message about sending it to the US Twinklette. Please do not quote any of my translating to the seller if you do write to her because it's an unofficial translation, I am just giving you gals a hand.
  7. Thanks for the translation KK! Much appreciated :nuts: