Gerard Darel & Balenciaga 20% off

  1. I went into a boutique in my town called Deborah Gilbery Smith. They had 3 Gerard Darel bags on sale. One in brown, one in silver and one in gold. They are the 24 hour ones but they had zippers and a front pocket. 20% off. The brown was was $570 without the discount. Not sure how much the other ones were.

    Also had a few Balenciaga bags on sale. I had my 2 year old with me so I could not fully check out the bags. Bags

    The phone # is 973-379-7900.

    Happy shopping! I'd love to hear if anyone buys a bag!
  2. Thanks. I've been wanting a GD.
  3. what color/style for the balenciaga? TIA
  4. yes can i have details on the balenciaga please??
  5. I never knew that they had Balenciaga! All of the years I lived nearby I never went in... I guess my wallet thanks me for that.
  6. wow do you know waht balenciagas?? any motorcycle bags??
  7. They had quite a few B bags, mainly with Giant Hardware. Sorry guys, I had my 2 year old with me and we were in and out fast. I asked the SA if I could post their info and she said yes.
  8. are they authentic?
  9. chinkyi23, to my knowledge, all their merchandise is authentic. I have purchased B bags from them in the past and I would never buy nor advocate a store that sold fakes.
  10. Without getting into it - I had a truly awful experience with DGS boutique.

    Buyer beware....

    (I purchased a balenciaga bag from them...)
  11. thanks
  12. beauxgoris, wow, I am so sorry to hear about your experience with the store. I have gone in there a few times but only purchased one Balenciaga make up clutch that was on sale and had a positive experience. Oh well!