Gerard Darel Bags!!!

  1. So I think i've lost mind - but I wanted my bases covered. I ordered:


    I'm not sure if i'll like all of them - but I thought it was better to order them and see them all IRL then to miss out on a color I wanted!!

    Does everyone think i'm nuts?:nuts:
  2. You're not nuts if you're wild about the style of the bag, and you'll use them for years. I've got the odd bag that I'd love to have in multiple colors because the organization, size and such are perfect.
  3. **:nuts: :blink: ** No comment ...just kidding. Well, when you have them all together then you can pick and choose which one you like the best, then you can return the one you don't like.
  4. orderd all of them??? You are just like me!!! I am crazy over these bags!!!!
  5. Okay - so i canceled my order for the gold and silver. In the photo they sent me they looked VERY bright. The one i'm looking for looks more like a "white gold" .... : ( I guess a new hunt has begun.
    I'm still excited about the white black and tan though. I just hope that it's a light tan and not a dark beige...
  6. i saw the gold irl and i didn't like it....too shiny!!
  7. Go you for getting mutiple colors! When you really like a bag, go for it!
  8. Definitely not nuts. It's better to get them all (if you are able to return them for a refund), than regret missing a color.
  9. oooohhhh pretty color!! No, you are not crazy, well, not totally! :lol:
  10. It is here Divina. I found it on eBay :biggrin:.


    Beaux, please post pics when it arrives! It looks lovely!
  11. ^^To see TFS photo I think you need to be a "member" - but it is the most beautiful color Charlotte bag i've seen. I wish I could find that color too.
    The gold and silver I found were really bright and harsh, not at all like the one posted at TFP. Maybe that color is only in Paris right now... :sad:
  12. gosh i cannot see it still :cry:
  13. Oh, thank you spiralsnowman! Where on ebay did you find it (i'd love to read this listing)?