gerard darel bag

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  1. Hello everyone. I just put my name on the waitlist for a gerard darel 24hr charlotte with balissimo and I can't wait! I'm so happy. But I'm wondering what everyone thinks of this knit bag by darel. I recalled somewhere in a post that someone has seen it before in person. If you're that person, please speak up. For all the others, please tell me what you think!

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  2. i never saw it in person, i think it is particular and pretty, but i'd go for the normal charlotte in leather.
  3. Congratas!!!!! !I've never seen it in person but it looks nice!!!
  4. Essential,
    Does Balissimo carry the knit one? Do you know what colors they will carry? Do they send pics out? BTW, I think the knit is very eye-catching and chic, you should get it if you like it...
  5. I agree. If you plan to own just one Charlotte, then go w/ the regular leather. While it's a pretty bag, I think the crochet is too this-season (S/S 2006).

    On a side note, isn't it amazing that Charlotte Gainsbour inspired a bag to be named after her (not sure if it's an official name, but that's what the bag is known as) just as her mom Jane Birkin inspired Hermes to do the same thing years past! How many mom/daughter duo has that distinction?! Wow! :nuts:
  6. Hello! I don't know whether Balissimo carries it or not. I shall call tomorrow and find out. I know BG does carry it and I am on the waiting list for it. I was told it comes in black and beige and I think it's 14x7 or 14x11. I forgot. :P It retails for $395 at BG. This bag caught my attention right away. It's funny because I actually want this bag first before i want the Charlotte. but of course the Charlotte grows on me the more i read about it!
  7. essential the bag is pretty, and i'd get it id i were you!!

    yes, she really insipred the bag, the bag is named charlotte after her.
  8. Which color are you waitlisted for at BG, esential?
  9. I'm waitlisted for black. I'm very bad at taking care of light colored bags ( i owned a light blue leather tote and now it does not look light blue anymore) so I try to refrain from getting a light colored one, even though they are so pretty.
  10. Ok, I did the whole NO purses thing... BUT just so you know.... BG in NY carries GD now. I just called, the SA thought that they had black and brown in "normal" leather in stock. She also mentioned a knit bag... The leather ones cost $395 and $12.75 for shipping, but she told me that there would be NO tax since I'm in CA. Not sure if that's the case...

    Bellisimo wasn't sure how long it would be until they received theirs and Toni told me that they get 3-4 calls/day about GD. I have a feeling that list is really long... So I went ahead and went with BG. Especially since I'd have to pay CA tax through Bellisimio. Plus my local NM told me I could return it to them at the customer service department...
  11. Really? I called BG yesterday and they said they're out of stock and they will be getting more in March. Odd~~~
  12. I JUST ordered chocolate brown. Illona was the one who helped. She was very nice, unlike the woman that I talked to earlier in the day--I specifically waited to order the bag so I could talk to someone else :lol:

    Illona told me that they had just gotten some more in. So call her and see if you can get the black now. Her direct line is 212.872.2519. Good luck!
  13. While I think the knit is cute (ferragamo has a cute knit bag also), I don't think it's going to be something you'll carry for years like the leather.

    I'm on the waitlist @ Balissimo too...I haven't talked to her in awhile. Did she say when her shipments were coming in?
  14. well look who is pushing bags now LOL I just called her and she's busy so I'm going to call back in 10. I received 3 new bags today and I was disappointed in 2. I got the dior gaucho, the botkier trigger in large(it's okay) and the love of my life the balenciaga in ink. Still haven't found a black bag that I can carry but winter is almost over. I have a chocolate paddy and I'm stocking up on summer colors. So maybe the charlotte 24 will do it. thanks
  15. Did you not like the gaucho? What didn't you like? And, which one did you get?