Gerard Darel Bag and Help...

  1. So, I purchased my first Gerard Darel bag from I got it yesterday. The leather is like butter. It is absolutely gorgeous. Even my husband said that he really likes it (he really doesn't understand my addiction). The transaction was perfect with Prior to that, I ordered from I cancelled the order the same day that I placed it after reading several comments on these boards. They still charged my account. I've filed a dispute with my bank. They are "researching" it. I've emailed them 3 times and left 3 messages. I think they must have a caller ID system that takes off the block. I can't imagine that a boutique is too busy to answer every time I call them. Any words of advice for me would be great...
  2. Sorry you are dealing with this! As you've seen from my previous posts, shoprumor did the same thing to me also- I don't really have any advice as you will probably get nowhere unless you march right into the store & demand to speak face to face with Anooshka.

    One of their responses to my BBB complaint was that "they deal with hundreds of customers a day"- in other words, they don't have time to call or email back with customer questions or concerns- that's total B.S.

    I asked to cancel my order too & was ignored. The bag was still eventually sent out. Yes, my CC was charged immediately even though they don't even have the bags in stock or really even know when they will get them. I would encourage you to file a BBB report as well - you can do it completely online. Other than that, it's pretty much a waiting game. Maybe you will be one of the lucky ones who gets her money back!

    Good luck-
  3. There have been many postings of problems with shoprumor. Stupidly, I still ordered from them after researching every other option and finding none. I desperately wanted the Gerard Darel python bags, so I bit the bullet and ordered. That was 5 1/2 weeks ago. On their website, it states 2-3 weeks for one of the bags, and 3-4 for the other. Every week I call, they claim it's in customs. I asked them how long it takes for a handbag to go through customs. We'll see if I ever get them. Like you, my CC was charged practically the second I ordered them even though I haven't received them for 5 1/2 weeks. I guess a lot of celebrities shop there so they don't care about us paeons.
  4. I definitely do not want the bag now-not after this experience. I am very pleased with the one I have now. I'm going to try to call again today from my cell phone. Maybe they won't recognize the number. To have a response that they don't have time to contact clients is total B.S.! They surely have enough time to process the order. Although it seems like not enough time to ship the merchandise. It also states on the website that all sales are final. I am really upset about the transaction. Hopefully my bank will come through for me.

  5. Kcrs95....just curious as to whether this was ever resolved and if you're still loving the GD you bought from Gregory's Shoes.
  6. It took me more than 3 months to have two different cancelled orders credited to my CC. Never again will I shop there.