1. I'm still waiting for my 3 "twentyfour" hours bags from Gerard Darel - but it occured to me that they may not be as big as I like and maybe a 36 or a 48 would be better for me? Has anyone seen one before IRL? Is there ANYWHERE than sells them in the USA other than eBay? How "big" are they really? I couldn't find anything about them online. :sad:

    I need size advice and would love to know if anyone has any feedback for me!!!

  2. I'm also interested in Gerard Darel handbags, where did you order them from? I can't seem to find where they're sold here. Thanks
  3. In the USA, they are sold at BG. Also, I think some boutiques stock them. In Canada, they are sold at Holt Renfrew.
  4. Thanks melisande. I couldn't find any on the BG website and I'm in AZ, no BG around!! Maybe I'll check eBay. Thanks again,
  5. Sorry Shelley. I should have said that you have to call BG in NYC -- it won't be online.
  6. shelley, go and check the french eBay!
  7. I am also wondering about the dimensions of the 36 and 48 as well. Does anyone know offhand? Thanks!
  8. Melisande and darelgirl,
    Thanks so much for the info, I really appreciate it.
  9. No problem, Shelley.
  10. love to help:amuse:
  11. the 36 and 48 are enormous!!!!!!!
    they are good fro travelling in the weekend or to go to the gym!!
  12. i've seen them in real life....they need quite a lot of things to get filled up!
    especially the 48....the 36 could be good for university if you carry many notebooks and books
  13. ^^But one girls enormous is another's "just right". For example is the 48 hours around the size of the large Bula tote, or a LV mezzo bag - to me that would be a great all around bag.

    I just wish I could gage exactly how large the larger Gerard Darel bags really are!
  14. Any Paris ladies on here seen them first hand?
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