Gerard Darel 36 Heures color question

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  1. This bag is listed as Hazelnut on, which in my mind is supposed to be a brown shade. It looks more like grey to me. Does anyone know about Gerard Darel colors?


  2. Maybe I'm seeing things but it looks light light brown to me. Very nice style.
  3. I agree w/ shoeguru3, it looks like a very light brown with a hint of grey in it. I really like the style and shape of it. Seems quite practical for everday use.
  4. It's more like an ecru/beige IMO. I own a hazelnut 24h and it's not this color but it's the automn/winter collection.
  5. -but they call that 36-heure bag on delcina's site 'hazelnut' Is your bag darker than this one? I figured maybe the lighting when the photo was taken might make it look lighter than it is?
  6. It looks more light grey with a hint of beige in it. And it looks more like a 24-hr Charlotte than 36h. Sorry to complicate things instead of being helpful. Run a search on GD bags charlotte 24 on the forum.
  7. Hi KK! How are you?!? :flowers:

    Delcina has the *plain* or no pocket style in both the 24 hr and the 36 hr.
  8. that bag looks almost taupe to me