Gerard Darel 24

  1. Since I'm on a purseban for myself, I decided to shop for other people now. So, I'm looking for a black bag for my sister. One of the bags I'm looking at is this Gerard Darel, but one of my sis's major requirements are that it has to go over the shoulder. Can someone tell me if this fits over the shoulder? TIA
  2. yes, i got one and it fit cpmfortable over shoulder :yes:
  3. Thank you very much.
  4. Very comfortable over the shoulder. Long enough handle, and the bag is slouchy, so conforms to the body. Where do you plan to buy it?
  5. Bagshop has some, so I'll get it there.
  6. looks like fakes - anyone else agree?
    I had called the Gerard Darel distributor and she didn't mention any online sites (other than Neimans and Bergdorf which have had a few in the past).
  7. Really? I'm surprised, I thought they had authentic bags. Does anyone know?
  8. Bagshop is legit.

    I bought my Gerard Darel there a month ago and it's a wonderful bag.
  9. Thanks kcd, appreciate the confirmation.
  10. Bagshop is legit, I've bought from them before...great service too. Good luck!