Gerard Darel 24 Hour Bag Just $283.50 at Shop Rumor!!

  1. I just ordered the Gerard Darel St. Germain 24 Hour bag from Shop Rumor for only $283.50!!:yahoo:

    It is reduced on their website to $405, but if you log into your account and use code toutie, you only pay $283.50 with free shipping. I purchased the mouse grey color. (You must log into your account in order for the code to work.)

  2. Great deal! Congrats on the beautiful bag :tup:
  3. Thanks cathymd!

    I'll post pics when it arrives. I just returned from vacation, so I have other pics that I need to take and post as well!! This is my 2nd GD bag....can't wait...hope I like the color!
  4. What other style/colors did they have? I love my "24" bag - but i'm not sure about the pockets on this one....

  5. This is the only style that is on sale, and it is sold in beige, hazelnut, black, skin, and mourse grey colors. They've other styles not on sale, but I didn't care for them at all. My first GD bags were purchased from NM and don't have pockets, so I'm anxious to see if I like this one. Hmmm...guess I better check their return policy just in case! I absolutely love my current black GD and carry it everywhere as it is quite functional and durable. The leather can really take a beating, unlike softer leathers on bags like my Be&D Crawford. I gifted the brown one I purchased before realizing how much I loved the brand.
  6. ^^ITA! My black "24" hours bag has gotten way more use this summer than my BV or balenciaga bags - how funny is that. I'd LOVE another one but i'm upset about the price hike (for fall 2007).
  7. Wow, that's a great deal! I've been hoping to bump into a GD bag in real life.. but no luck :sad: I'm also a little unsure about the pockets, but I lovee the overall love, especially the color! Good buy! :tup:
  8. Wow. I like this bag and I've heard so much about it. Wondering how heavy it is, and how it sits on the shoulder. Think I might have to do a little TPF search! :lol:
  9. By what percentage did they raise their prices? Do you think that the price I paid ( $283.50) was a good deal? As I recall, I paid over $350 at NM for my current GD bag.
  10. I bought my first GD from NM online....never having seen one IRL before. It's probably one of my best purchases, although I did pay more for it. Hopefully, I will like this new one....although, I'm a bit nervous about the pockets. The shoulder straps hug my small shoulders and I don't find it to be heavy. Considering the hugeness of it, I have to be careful about how much I carry inside.
  11. I'd really love to see pics of this bag. I've hesitated as I've never seen one irl and I'm concerned that it's quite large. Congrats on a great deal though! They still have them left in beige, hazelnut and something called skin.

  12. Hopefully, I've have the bag by Thursday at which time I will post pictures. If this one is anything like my first's huge. Took some getting used to at first...but, now I love it and carry it all the time!
  13. I ordered the black. It should arrive Wednesday. Unfortunately, I get stuck with CA sales tax, but it's still a great deal for a brand that's hard to find in the US. I love my brown one from NM last year. I had the black too, but stupidly returned it. GD makes such nice bags, and they smell the best of any bag I've owned.
  14. Have you girls checked out the new Gerard Darel styles? I think the website's just been updated, and I'm loving the F/W bags.

    I'm think about getting one in the new Saint Germain. Does anyone know when they'll start arriving in U.S. stores, and what stores might be carrying them?
  15. ^ I love the new hardware so much. I was browsing the site yesterday, and I remember wanting almost every bag on there. :love:

    The clothes look really nice too.

    I have no idea when they'll start arriving in the US... IF they ever do. It's so hard finding them here, especially the new styles.