Gerard Darel 24 bag, Yes or no? i am totally torn its no returns,,,,

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Do i just go for it and buy the bag knowing i cant return it or hold off ?



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  1. Hi all :smile: I need opinions!!

    This is prob. my one chance this season to get a GD bag as they are very hard to find in the states and ive heard which is the one place that has them online sells lower quality ones then say NM.

    So it is $430 and it would be shipped to me, and it is no returns,,,

    ive never ever spend that much $$ knowing i cannot return something and im a little scared,,,

    i love the bag ive been lusting over it for months but the prospect of not being able to return it scares me

    what would you do!?? :smile: **** I havent ever seen the bag in real life, there is no where to see it because they are so hard to find in the US, i have seen one on someones shoulder in passing but that is about it,,,,****** as an added thing to concider,,,
    AH im so torn!

    Any opinions would be helpful

    if you have one, dont have one, have experience with that situation, and if it worked out well? or not well?

    thanks!!!! :smile:
  2. As much as I love Gerard Darel, I wouldn't do it. No return policy means no accounting for minor defects, differences between your monitor and reality, or a sudden change of heart.

    (Since they're hard to find where you are, would it be right to assume you've never seen one in person?)
  3. hey well i have seen one passing by on someones shoulder but only once and it was the patent version where you cant tell too much about what normal leather would be like,,,,

    and you would think here in NYC would be one place if any i could find one but nope,,, :sad: so i havent ever really seen one, touched one,,,, ;(
  4. Hi, I have one and it's a really useful style -- if you already like the bag, you probably won't want to return it.

    Having said that, you may want to keep looking for a place that has a better returns policy.

    I bought my bag in Canada, and I actually only paid around three hundred dollars (Canadian) for mine, since it was on sale. You may even be able to find a better price.
  5. I voted no Bessie, even though I love my Gerard Darel. Because what if you don't like it and the price seems steep. What color and size are you looking to get? I'm also curious as to where you heard that bagshop sells lower quality GD bags. I have two, one bought from Bagshop and one from an ebayer who bought it in Paris (tag from the dept store was still on it) and I really noticed no difference in quality.
  6. I have a 24-heures in black. I adore mine. But if I were you, I wouldn't buy it -- because you never know. That's a lot of $$. Hang on -- there's another Gerard Darel waiting for you, in person, somewhere, where you least expect it. Sorry if that's not what you want to hear.
  7. I voted no :nogood: I don't buy anything unless there's a return policy.
  8. Hey slush! Wasn't there a thread previously about how the GD bags in paris have higher quality than the ones available in the US? Many complained that it felt like a $100+ bag, and that one bag's quality varied greatly between one and the other. So if I were you, unless I get to hold it, feel it, and inspect it, I would say no. I feel like it's a steep risk to take for any defects, either in the quality of the leather, hardware, and etc.
  9. Bessie -
    I voted no as's way too much $ to spend IF something goes awry AND you have not really seen/touched/examined the bag IRL, so it's pretty risky.
    Everyone has different tastes (thank goodness) and I have read SO much about the bag on this Forum and when I was in Montreal a couple of months ago, a saw this bag IRL and must admit that I was not smitten.
    Be patient - and one day - the bag will just pop into your life at the right time/place in order for you to make an easier decision.
    Good luck
  10. Bessie, I also say no. I don't have one and have never seen one IRL but awhile back I was considering one and a tpf member told me that the handles are skimpy for the option of over the shoulder (esp. with a jacket). If it could be returned, safe to try, but short of that, I say forget it! Sorry.
  11. I thought that bagshop allowed returns? :confused1: Here's what it says on their website:

    [FONT=verdana,tahoma,arial][FONT=verdana,tahoma,arial]Return Policy
    Returns are very easy! If you want to return your purchase simply send it back to the address on your receipt. This includes all items that had free shipping.
    • Please include all your info for fast refund or exchange.
    • Items must be returned within 20 days. Make sure all orginal tags are on the merchandise. We will process your return within 7 days. We cannot pay for return shipping or orginal shipping costs. We don't accept returns on any special order sizes( larger than 40 or larger than DD).
    • You can also call us directly for any questions 800-913 3911 ( Mon- Fri 10-6 ) to speak to a real person!!
    • Handbags and other products costing over $1000 must be returned within 5 days with original tags on merchandise.
    • All Handbags over $2000 is considered a special order and is not returnable ( we do guarantee to repair or replace any defects ).
  12. I love mine and constantly get compliments on it. But I did get it at NM sale for a lot less than what you are considering paying for it. Besides, it already had to go through repair (Neiman does it for free). I would think about it. But it's a stunning bag!
  13. I was recently talking with bagshop too and they sounded pretty reasonable with their returns. Something I don't know? Do they not take back things on sale?
  14. I voted no too Bessie. I'd be hesitant to spend that much on a bag you can't return and haven't seen up close and personal before.
  15. hey guys thanks so much for your responses

    let me clear it up

    i wasnt going to get it from bagshop i was going to get it from Ballisimo some place in california

    there is a thread in here somewhere that is a few people who ordered the GD bags from bagshop and that was where as ITZME said she read somewhere that people felt like the US versions were cheap $100 bags, those were bags from bagshop i believe
    and so i am a little scared to order from there,,,,

    ALSO for those of you who have seen or bought them cheaper,,,can i ask where from? and if you know if they ship to the US? thanks soooo mUCH!!!!!!!! ;)

    my decision for now is NO