Geranium Suhali L'Imprevisible or L'ingenieux GM ?

  1. Hello LV Experts!
    Question: Did LV ever make the Suhali styles L'Imprevisible and L'ingenieux GM in the color Geranium??? I have seen the La Fab and L'ingenieux PM in Geranium, but never the L'Imprevisible and L'Ingenieux GM in Geranium. I'm guessing they did not, but need confirmation from those much wiser. Thanks!
  2. No the L'Imprevisible was disontinued before the geranium color was introduced :yes:
  3. Hello, I'm BrownCeCe and very Nu 2 the Blog. Late Bloomer to LV, but playing catch up has been fun. I desperately want a Suhali and have seen several LV Suhali L'IMPREVISIBLE listed on eBay. Love the style, but cannot find any information online about their previous existence. Is there anyone out there that can tell me if they really existed and your best guess about authenticity of those listed? Been burned 22222 many times to take another chance. Many Thanks!!!
  4. ^^^^^

    Hi newbie!!
    You've dug up an ancient thread !!
    This place has alot of LV experts, esp. if you are wanting to buy something on ebay. Just post the link on the thread called, "Authenticate this" and one of the "pros" can answer your Qs. Good luck and welcome to the addiction!