Geranium suhali....anybody seen any?

  1. particulary one of the belts...I would appreciate any leads that anyone has. Is LV replacing the geranium with another red?

  2. that red is gone, but if you call 866, they can still serach the inventory to see if there's any left for you :flowers:
  3. I hope you find something! It's freaking gorgeous!
  4. I've only seen a Geranium Suhali Small Ring Agenda... the color is indeed friggin gorgeous!!! :yes:

    Good luck on your search...
  5. Doesn't Matt have a geranium belt?
  6. My store had a wallet a week ago if your interested pm me!
  7. Thanks all for the replies. I do agree that it is "friggin gorgeous"! I "slept" for a minute and they discontinued it before I knew it. I was buying LE last year and didn't think that they would discontinue that color. I have a double coil bracelet in it, but want a belt (yes Matt has the exact belt that I want) and a bag. Luv2BuyBags - thanks for the tip. I pm'd you.

    Any other sightings please let me know. I did call the 1-800 and have had mixed luck. Some of the associates are really knowledgeable and helpful and others....well not so much.