Geranium Satchel - Pics

  1. Here she is. The color is so much better IRL. I would not have gotten this without all of the info, support and enabling on this forum so thanks to all of you!! I've been doing a happy dance all afternoon.




  2. wow
  3. super fantastic beautiful bag! You are going to turn heads with that bag!
  4. Just gorgeous, and looks great on you! What a lovely color.
  5. Absolutely stunning! Is the leather super buttery soft, too?
  6. graberg, congrats! Gorgeous GORGEOUS bag! I hope my fax order goes through and I will receive mine!
  7. Oh, MY!! :drool:

    - TwoSirius
  8. what's the inside like?
  9. It's the pebbled leather which is definitely buttery soft. The inside is the beautiful Legacy lining. LOL, I've been too nervous to unwrap it fully!
  10. :drool: :nuts: it looks FABULOUS on you!!! I wish they made a smaller bag in the color ... sooooo gorgeous. CONGRATS!!
  11. siighhhh...

    the sooner i go to bed, the sooner it's tomorrow for mine! it's like christmas, but a million times worse!
  12. :drool::drool::drool:
  13. Graberg, it's GORGEOUS!:drool:

    Kallison, It will come!:yes:

    I'm like that with my Carly right now! UGH!
  14. oooh anne that is beautiful!!!!!! it looks AMAZING on you!
  15. omg anne congrats!
    Now I'm anxious to see mine.