Geranium Satchel - Few Minutes Left

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  1. For those of you eying the Hawaiian Geranium coloered pebbled leather Satchel on eBay - there's about 20 min left (no bids yet). And a reminder - it's not mine!
  2. I think you should buy it and have 2! come on..... :yes:
  3. You have one?! :nuts:
  4. ugh....I'm so tempted! that dang car down payment....I need to walk away from the computer
  5. WOW...Someone should snatch it up right away!!!!
  6. It's kind of expensive at $930 starting bid. Gorgeous though. How come Coach doesn't make more red?
  7. noshoepolish i can't believe you have one! DETAILS! How did you get it?! :drool: I'd be so jealous of Court if she bought that bag....
  8. there are a few tpf'ers that have them, they show up on ebay every now and then. the price isn't bad, there were only 100 made. I want a new car and DH told me I could buy the purse, but then he reminded me that it would be nice towards a down patment on said car...dang practicality
  9. Oh, my God... if my fiancee said I could buy that bag I so would... but you're more practical than I am, I would regret it later-- but.... :drool::drool:
  10. OMFG...that is the most beautiful thing I have seen in a while. Truly only 100 ever made? I'm with you court...if I only didnt have to pay rent...!
  11. nobody bought it!

    now, if this was my auction, I would get a message from some stupid ebayer offering me $10 for it, giving me some sort of email that read "since it didn't sell, would you consider taking $10 for it?"

    its funny but not really, it happened to me once on an $1100 Michael Kors bag that was used once!

  12. That seller DID have more than one of them like you guys were talking about in the authenticate thread. She sold one for $1200 not too long ago. I saw it in her feedback. I'd love to know how she got more than one...
  13. that TOTALLY doesn't mean she had more than one. we all think that the first one fell through

  14. If you look on her feedback she and the girl that bought it left good feedback for each other-- the girl said what a fabulous bag it was and she said that the girl was a great e-bayer.... but you could be right, maybe it was a hoax!
  15. it just seems fishy to me that someone would have 2 of those, but maybe she works in fashion in hawaii and somehow got her hands on two. if she lists another one to make 3, I will really call fishy