Geranium, Parchment, Pond and some more!

  1. Hi ladies!

    I wanted to share my goodies that came in yesterday with you. I'm in love with the parchment! Not sure of the geranium though. Such a bummer.

    What do you ladies think of the Alyson sandals (black sig)? Does the buckle make it look ghetto/fake?

    Also, what do you ladies think of the emilie sandals (cotton sig ones)? Are they too much with the parchment?

    Needed some trusted female second opinions...


  2. :drool:

    I love it all!!!

    Not too ghetto :nogood:
  3. What a great haul! i love the geranium personally but to be honest I agree that the big things on the Alyson sandals turn me off them. The Emilie sandals are GORGEOUS. I want some.

    You did great, WOW!
  4. i love it
    i think that the Geranimum needs to grow on you. Kallison has brought hers to class the past 2 days and i love it more and more
  5. I personally love the big buckle on the sandals, and my fashion sense is nowhere near gaudy, let along "ghetto". I really liked them when they were in the store. They're really comfortable too and a great heel hight.

    The pond is tdf and the parchment is dreamy. Isn't the lining on that bag just something else?

    The geranium satchel looks really orange in your pictures. I'd suggest taking it into some different lights. Leather tone can vary depending on the lighting of a room.
  6. good job! you got some great stuff!!! what else are you waiting on?

    I love the pond, I ordered one and it showed up all scratched and now they are gone. GORGEOUS!

    Give geranium a chance, I got mine today and I think I like it. My mom came by and she said it was a very 'me' bag (orange is my fav color)
  7. I really like the Emilie sandals:tup:, I wore my pair of Ellice wedges all day at the office and they are sooo comfortable. Plus I really love the detailing on top. The pond legacy is also tdf.:drool:
  8. I think the cotton wedges are great and go well with the parchment Carly. I would pick them over the black mules.

    I have a similar Coach wedge from resort last year and they are VERY comfortable and cute

  9. I agree that the wedges are better than the black heels. I don't like that big buckle on there.

    What an amazing haul! I can't believe you still have more stuff coming too. Good Lord. I'm jealous!
  10. Oh and I have the legacy satchel in whiskey leather and it's by far my favorite Coach bag. I like the geranium color but I dunno if it would be an "every day all-purpose" bag for me.

    Not that that's a bad thing -- I have a pomme d'amour patent leather LV bag that hardly ever gets used, but I still ADORE it.
  11. I love all your bags! And honestly, the geranium satchel looks stunning on your arm! The shoes look fabulous next to their 'matching' bags too! Great choices!!
    You coordinated the shoes and bags wonderfully! Def. not fake looking or too much. I think it's just right!
  13. Nice haul. I prefer the wedges too. I'm not sure about the geranium though and I usually go crazy for any kind of red.
  14. Nice!
  15. I love all the choices you made! The buckle sandals are pretty but I prefer the E sandals..

    The collection you have is so gorgeous!