Geranium le fabuleux

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  1. Okay so in the last day I've been ALL over the map with what bag to buy next. I really need to just stop and save for the one I really want which is the geranium le fabulex. I spoke with 1.886.VUITTON and the supply of the bag is getting kinda low (the color is not being discontinued though). Now this changes everything!!!! I just ordered a green perfo speedy from elux. Do you think I should cancel this and buy the geranium le fabuleux right know(which means no more bags for the year:weird::wacko:!!) (but I'm willing to sacrfice for love:love:) ?
  2. Yes. I think that the le-fab is timeless and classic. The perfo just seems more like a trend. I think years down the line, you'll get more use out of the le-fab. Suhali's are just awesome!
  3. go for the lefab! The green speedy is cute, but not near as lovely as the lefab.
  4. God yes! Go for the Suhali Le Fab!!!
  5. suhali all the way! in the end you know youll end up buying more bags!
  6. I agree with the other posters, the suhali will be a lot more timeless than the perforated speedy.
  7. definitely, if you have the chance, jump on it!
  8. Cancel the order right now and get the le fab bag!
  9. Would definitely rather have the lefab :biggrin:
  10. Le Fab, definitely!
  11. Le Fab no contest
  12. Le Fab! timeless beauty and the color is absolutely stunning.

    the peforated speedy is cute but the Le Fab is drop-dead hot!
  13. Geranium Le Fab!!!!!
  14. THe sppedy has already shipped so I'll have to return it and wait for a credit. No big deal becasue elux dosen't have the geranium suhali in stock right now. It will be a couple weeks to get everything worked out and I'll post pictures when I get it. Does anyone know if you can save the tax by having an LV store ship to you?
  15. No, LV stores charge tax still. I got my Speedy 40 and if you buy it from the store, there's tax. I didn't get charged for shipping though.