Geranium Le Fabuleux???

  1. Does anyone know if the LV Le Fabuleux comes in the color Geranium? I've never seen one and was just wondering. If there is a photo out there somewhere, please let me know. Thanks!
  2. It did. LV discontinued the color. LVLover has one. It's in her collection photo.
  3. I didn't know geranium was discontinued!! I love that color :sad:
  4. There's a Geranium Le Fab in the background on the left in the picture that's attatched below. Geranium is a fabulous color. :yes:
    store birkimn.jpg
  5. Go to visual thread..we have LeFab queen pics there..
    You will drool guarantee!!
  6. Here are some pics of the auction that LVLover won!!!:nuts: The color is GORGEOUS!!!:love:
    lv-p50-01sm.jpg lv-p50-02sm.jpg lv-p50-10sm.jpg
  7. here's in the middle between plum and black

  8. Isn't that Plum? I thought Geranium was almost a salmon/raspberry color?
  9. Yeah it's plum.. Irene must be regretting that she didn't get that bag..It's obvious she can't get over it..LOL
  10. OK, it's been a VERY LONG DAY and I am going INSANE!!! I am reading geranium but thinking plum!:wacko: SORRY!!!:shame::nuts:
  11. Geranium isn't discontinued color yet..(I think)
  12. NO WAY!!! I know my limits!!!:angel: Two le fabs and I would have been homeless and DHless living in a house built out of my LV and SPY bags!!!:nuts::lol:

  13. LOL...You just need knee pads like Selena..LMAO:roflmfao: :lol:
  14. LOL it's okay, we all have those days!!!! :P
  15. It would NEVER work on my DH! I am ALWAYS willing:graucho: but he keeps running away!! I NEED to come with something new!!!:nuts:
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