gerald darel handbags..

  1. does he have a smaller sized satchel? i see the one for 635 on main sites but thats 21 inches long, way too big for me. anyone know of a site that would show more bags by him? and also how do you navigate through his i just see the picture and cant find whatever it is that opens the site lol.
  2. Wish I could help you....if you do a forum search on GD bags, you will find that it has been an ongoing issue. :sad:

    As far as I know, there is no navigating through his site, it's been this way for at least six months now.
  3. The bags come in a bunch of sizes (3 main sizes, I think). The smaller one is called the Charlotte 24 (after that, there's the 36 and the 48). The bags are also made up with the option of slightly different styling, depending on the season (e.g. patent leather, etc).

    There are also Darel bags besides the popular Charlotte style.
  4. There is an even smaller GD - Charlotte 12. Darelgirl has posted pics of her beautiful darels in this LINK....
    hope that helps...

    P/S: the 'regular'- Charlotte 24 may sound huge, but bear in mind it's super soft leather so it slouches a lot when you carry it (esp with stuff in your bag). i am only 5'1 and initially thought the GD isn't for me as well. but i tried it on anyhow and realise it looks great.....
  5. LOL another bag we both have in common aarti :lol: I'm DYING to get this, but argh they're nowhere to be found :cry: