Georgraphically Disadvantaged-Guam?

  1. My listing says that I ship to the United States only. Buyer won my handbag and listed address as Guam. Now, I know that is a US possession, but it is not in the United States - it is not a state. Just for the heck of it I checked with the shipper and the USPS doesn't deliver there and the only other option was FedEx economy - to the tune of $135!!! For a handbag!!! Are you kidding me!!! The Buyer paid $10 for shipping.

    Is it me, or would the Buyer have known that I can't ship something like that to her for $10? Think she was hoping for a free ride? Do I need to make my listing clearer? United States and only the United States and list them? Now I've lost the listing fees I guess.............

    Wouldn't be so bag if I hadn't just found out that PayPal decided in favor of my other crackpot Buyer who stated the Brand Spanking New Furla handbag I sent her was used and claimed I washed it with detergent. No I did not. Uhck. That's a whole other story.....
  2. You haven't lost listing fees. Email the buyer and explain the situation and ask her to agree to do a NPB (the one where you both agree to withdraw from sale) and relist.

    Now that you know this you should state it (also add in Puerto Rico & Virgin Islands)....and also check that little box that blocks bidders who are not registered where you ship to!
  3. Wait, the USPS doesn't ship to Guam?
  4. i just sent something to guam via usps. it does absolutely ship there. and the rates are akin to regular priority rates and not more on the intl side.
  5. They ship there!! I just shipped something to Guam myself. Same rates apply as continental US. You can even use the priority boxes and stuff. :idea: Same prices.
  6. USPS does ship to Guam. It's considered United States. Just use the zip code. I live on a remote tropical island and we get USPS!
  7. Just wanted to pipe up with an unrelated note - it bugs me when sellers do this. I'm registered in AU but live between the UK and Australia and I have a shipping address in the US. So frustrating!