Georges bb vs Bond street damier

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Which one would you choose and why? Thanks.

  1. Georges BB

    1 vote(s)
  2. Bond street DE

    8 vote(s)
  1. Anybody has these bags?
  2. I have the Bond Street in DE magnolia and love it so versatile and use it when travelling aswell as it can be used dressed up or down and worry free. Been cousght in the rain and no issues :smile:
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  3. That’s great to know, also on my radar, but got side tracked with this heart bag. Hahahaha
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  4. Love, love my Bond Street. Also in magnolia. Beautiful and carefree. Holds more than Pochette Metis but still super comfortable cross body.
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    There's a Bond Street club thread with tons of pics. Maybe browse it. I love mine!

    Can't tell if you mean the BB size or full size. Mine is regular full size.
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  6. I use to love my PM but sold it when I purchased this as its so much more versatile and not heard of or had any issues with the Bond Street just a really great bag :smile:
    Glad you love yours too :heart:
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