Georges BB in Empreinte review

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  1. I was asked to do a review on this bag and I’m finally getting to it.

    I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and I love it. It carries way more than a person would think, however I’m a minimalist so take that with a grain of salt. If you use larger bags this won’t work for you. It fits more than the Croisette. It fit sa little more than an Alma BB

    I’m a structured/too handle bag lover so this one works well with my style. I find I use the top handle a ton. It does have a long adjustable strap as well. The magnetic closure is really strong and secure. I’m never worried about my stuff dumping out like I was with the Favourite.

    The bag does have folded corners that I’m watching closely. So far there aren’t any issues but that doesn’t mean I won’t have them.

    Inside has the micro suede lining and two compartments. There is one slip pocket as well. As I said I’m a minimalist, I’m carting a ZCP, 6 key holder. Mini Pochette, phone and Felicie pouch and I still have a ton of room.

    I’ll post mod shots when I get home.

    Hopefully this helps anyone thinking about this bag.
  2. Photo for reference am in a waiting room right now lol. I’ll post more when I get home

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  3. And photos as requested. Ignore my messy closet

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  4. Can you share a photo of the inside with your contents? I almost got this last month when I needed to replace my PM. I didn't think it would hold as much as Alma bb.
  5. Don’t know why this bag isn’t released in the UK yet?
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  6. Gorgeous bag and great review. I like that it has a nice top handle, thanks for sharing!
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  7. I was wondering that too.
  8. I’m patiently waiting for it in Scarlet❤️❤️
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  9. Do you want me to do another one? Looks like the photos have loaded now
  10. It’s gorgeous, thanks so much for the review! Do you happen to have a speedy 25 or pochette metis or any other of the more common LV for size comparison? Thanks
  11. I got rid of my PM as it didn’t work for me but the Georges BB fits less than one. But IMO it is more comfortable to wear.

    Again I’m biased though as I didn’t like my PM
  12. Thank you so much for this review! I am contemplating on this design though I have not seen it IRL. LOL. But my utmost concern is the magnetic closure that's putting me on the fence:whut:
  13. It is super secure. I really like the magnet closure on this one. It’s not weak like the Favourite. It’s also stronger than the Cluny closure and I find that one really secure
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  14. Thank you for sharing this info. It is a very elegant style.
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  15. Thanks for the pics. I don't need another. The pics were perfect. Guess I may need to add it to my list. I wisk I would have tried my things in it. It is stunning! Congrats!
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