George, No No No !!

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    Her love life leaves something to be desire, but if you believe recent reports, Pamela Anderson is "romancing" Hollywood lothario George Clooney.

    The pair were reportedly seen canoodling in the private VIP section of a Los Angeles restaurant, with Pammy even sitting on Georgie's knee.
    In recent weeks, she has been linked to her bodyguard, a Hell's Angel and a Tommy Lee look-alike. She even gave shock jock Howard Stern an on-air lapdance.

    Still, she will always have Cameron Diaz to fall back on. The acne-prone actress has revealed she had a crush on Pammy circa her 'Baywatch' days.
  2. I prefer Jennifer Aniston going with George Clooney.
  3. Nice couple......
    Fortunately, I not a big fan of George.
  4. Ewww, my imaginary boyfriend cannot date her! She's so gross.
  5. That's how I feel! I :heart: George. He's too good for Pam. EWWWW is right!
  6. I read that too, and could hardly believe it! Men!!!!:shrugs:
  7. yuck
  8. :throwup:
  9. So no decent woman can ever land George..

    and here comes Pamela Anderson...

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    GEORGE CLOONEY and PAMELA ANDERSON have become Hollywood's most unlikely couple after the pair was spotted frolicking together on a romantic, fun dinner date.

    The Oscar winner booked a private room at Sherman Oaks, California restaurant the Valley Inn, and entertained the former BAYWATCH babe there on 7 January (07), according to reports.
    And since that evening, which ended with Anderson sitting on her date's lap, the odd couple has been spotted out and about, enjoying dog walks together.
    A pal says, "George and Pam have been determined to keep this one quiet."
  11. WTF is he thinking. That is just gross.
  12. OMG!A more befitting title to this thread would have been,
    Georgie Boy Goes Dumpster Diving.:roflmfao:
  13. Lucky woman!!!! :hysteric:
  14. publicity stunt IMO. George bats for the other team.

  15. Ditto!
    Anyone with half a brain should have figured that out by now.These sightings are nothing more than well orchestrated hook-ups.It would hurt his image to be outted as a Boy-Toy :rolleyes: .