George Michael...Just Say NO!

  1. [​IMG]
  2. Oh no :amazed:

    I used to be in LOVE with him when I was younger. :heart:
    I swear I was so in love with him it wasnt even funny.

    Remember that song "Faith" :rolleyes:
    Geez that takes me back to my childhood.

    I refuse to beleive this is the same person. Nope:noworry: Not him. LOL :lol:
  3. LOL, same here! :lol:
    I'll just go on remembering the man from the "Careless Whispers" video!
  4. Ewww! Father Figure will always be one of my favorite songs though. Lots of Michael Jackson's early songs are also favorites, and I cannot stand him on any other level.
  5. Come on....are you guys telling me that you have never taken a bad picture??? He may not look he did when he was younger...but Im sure he does not walk around looking like that dreadful paparazzi taken pic!!!
  6. As much as I loved him whe I was a teeny bopper, many moons ago, those eyebrows of his are seriously freaking me out:blink:
  7. Im listening to some of his oldies but goodies right now...MAGICAL...damn the people that take bad photos and make him look ugly. He is matter how he looks, no one can take that away from him
  8. Aww... I loved "Kissing A Fool" from him... :sad:
  9. Me too!
  10. I love Father Figure too!

    He looks scary sometimes.