George & Dylan JEANS RIP OFF HORRIBLE quality CRAP


Apr 18, 2009
Just to let you all know that I bought some Dylan & George lucy popular jeans and after one wear of them in one month they tore out side of the tare around the knee and will only continue to tare all around the jeans and become shorts. These jeans are CRAP you can find jeans at forever 21 for a better price! These jeans are $200!!!!! The place i bought them has a 14 day period of return and i had to fight for them to let me return them. I only wore them that one time during the 30 days i had them. I tried to call Corporate Dylan George and they told me i have to deal with the place that I got them from!!!!

I worked for PAIGE DENIM and they let you exchange your jeans no matter what. If you have the jeans for 3 years and get a tare in the crotch or a tare in the knee you can return them directly to Culver City Paige denim corporate and manufacturer.

Also same thing happened with me and JET jeans the jeans messed up after one wash and i called Jet corporate and they exchanged my jeans PLUS gave me a free Jet tote bag! Super nice no hassle.

All I have to say is that DYLAN George is crap! Crap service Crap jeans! Stay AWAY!!!! FAR AWAY!

Here is a picture for you of what happened to the jeans after one wear

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Aug 27, 2008
Bay Area, CA
Wow, that's pretty bad. I actually just tore a pair of Citizens at the knee this morning while I was trying them on! :tdown: Not sure if it was that particular pair, or just that wash...
Dec 26, 2006
Metro DC area... for now...
So sorry this happend to you. I bought these jeans in May and have been wearing them atleast 3 times a week with no problems. I agree with you on being over priced. (nothing partically exciting) But no rips or tears yet. ( keeping my fingers crossed)

As for the company, they are fairly new and should have a better handle on their customer complaints. You should ask to speak to someone in a higher position and send them a picture. Tell them that the place you bought them from is not helping you out and its a defective pair of jeans that will be useless.

Good Luck.


Aug 25, 2009
eek, its always hard to loose a good wash to a tear, but darn. I was thinking about purchasing a pair when I saw them on sale, but I'm glad I didn't. Thanks for the heads up, sorry to hear about the trouble your having returing them/exchanging.