Genuine Gucci and LV online - which sites??

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  1. I am about to buy my first Gucci or Lv but I am having trouble finde sites that, without a doubt, sell genuine bags. :confused1:

    Can anybody help?? :yes:

    Sorry if theres allready been threads like this, but I can't seem to find them, even after searching. :sad:
  2. Why dont you try;;
  3. By the way, it doesn't need to be from the newest collections :p
  4. I did - unfortunately the Gucci UK site, where you can buy online is only for Uk-residents, they appearantly don't ship to Denmark. We have a Gucci store not far from where I live, but the selection is not all that impressive :crybaby: An they are rather reluctant to order things, even if I were to pay when ordering instead of on delivery.
  5. LV = only but they don't ship to demark. so can only go to the boutqiue.
  6. Have you tried LV subforum? They have a list of reputable eBay sellers and sites :smile: It sucks that the online store at only ships to France and England.
  7. also has a variety of Gucci. Sorry, no LV.