Genuine Burberry scarf with odd label (what is the deal)?


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Nov 21, 2019
I have recently bought a Burberry giant check cashmere scarf from Farfetch. (

The scarf came yesterday without storing box only a plastic bag (somilar than counterfeit ones). However this did not worry me too much since i have seen a number of Burberry scarf (from different websites) unboxing in such bags. What really dissapointed me was an odd label - actually two labels, one with "burberry london" and the other with "100% cashmere made in scotland" written on. It is also sewn on very sloppy.

Since Farfetch is a trusted website i guess the item is genuine but i have never seen such label on a burberry scarf before. Also, i didnt find the item on burberry official site (8015527 is the ID).

Does anybody know what is the deal with this scarf??


Dec 22, 2016
the same thing happened to me. I bought a scarf from 24s and it had that white label. My friend happened to buy a trench from London three weeks ago and she took a pic of her trench tag, and it's the exact one as your picture above. Since they are doing redesign all the new items will have the white tag. Personally I think it' look cheap and ugly