Gents (and ladies who purchase for their DH/SO): HELP!

  1. My poor DH has been using the black LV epi 6 cc billfold that I bought for him for the past 6+ years, and I think it's high time for an upgrade. Can any one of you gentlemen here, or ladies who buy for their sweeties, recommend something similiar that H has to offer? Pics of the outside and inside would be quite helpful!! (oh, and the name would help too!). Leather types, price ranges... the whole caboodle! Thanks in advance!
  2. My recommendation is to duplicate the style of his old wallet as closely as possible and to buy a durable leather like epsom. Epsom will keep its shape and is easy to wipe off. Since men carry wallets in their back pockets they gets alot of abuse. A dark color will also minimize color transfer from denim as well. The SAs at H are amazing and will help you out. Just tell them what you want.
  3. ^ most denim pockets aren't lined with denim, its usually a cotton or canvas fabric. but you can never be too careful! As a guy i always use my front pocket, I like my wallet in front of me so i can 'see' where it is and cant be snatched easily. I find that it makes you care more about the wallet. However, i do agree that a hard wearing leather (like epsom) must be chosen becuase men are more hard wearing on thier items.

    As for models, mens wallets are very secretive at H! i have seen very few models in store and on the net. more often than not they are CC wallets, very few have coin pouches. you are looking at roughly 1k+ for a regular leather wallet 2k for exotics. SO they dont come cheap. Personally i use a small CC wallet which is dying on me and when the right model comes in im going to get a PM agenda, the side slots are perfect for CC's. However you are limited to only 2 slots, but the price is very affordable at $270. and you can still get a blank page insert if you want to jot things down. Just an option, i dont think it sounds right for your hubby but I threw it in the mix.