Gently Used Meredith..Good Deal?

  1. There's a gently used Meredith at Bag Borrow or Steal for $185, it says New but I think they mean the listing is new. I wish it was in a different color since Im kooba'ed out in Bourbony looking ones. I think 70% off is a massive discount, and Im fighting with the purchase button now.

    Here's a link, if we aren't supposed to do this, I apologize in advance because Im new.

  2. That looks like a pretty darn good deal to me! Go for it.
  3. That is a very good deal. Odd, when I look for all Kooba's in the outlet, this one did not come up. If you want it, grab it, the site has a tendency to list bags that are no longer available and you don't find out until you click to add to your cart.
  4. I know, the first ever bags I was going to buy from them were Kooba's, a bourbon Sienna, and another, and when I went to add, they were no longer available. I did get it though......Hey if I see more like that I'll keep posting, I kind of hunt all over.

    I'll send up pictures when it arrives :jammin: