gently used ebay sophias please read on


Dec 1, 2006
I am looking for a gently used sophia possibly..since they no longer make them, i've been browsing ebay and from what I know, i have been looking for the metal mj plate in the bag
the mj on the zipper pull, front clasps
and the riri on the zipper
since I do not know well the color combos (bag color/stitching) i would follow up with you gals first but am I missing anything else? with these bags being used what would be a fair price? all have been at least $200 and higher depending on wear..And of course feedback. Any additional features to notice would be helpful since i cannot find one to touch first ;)

Also, for reference I look mostly at the pink, purple or white varities if you can help with contrast stiching colors and interiors, thanks cecelia


Endless Summer
Feb 23, 2006
One thing to note is that some Sophias do have LAMPO zippers - in particular the ones with brushed gold hardware from last year. The vogue1966 page mentions it if you can find it in the never-ending text - but it gets lost in all the RIRI talk. I have a Sophia with brushed gold purchased from Saks and it has LAMPO zips. I've noticed these same-collection Sophias on eBay can sell for low prices - I think people assume the LAMPO is incorrect, but it's not. A lot of the antique brass hardware bags have Lampo too - like the LE Stellas and New Totes.

If you are just looking for Sophias with nickel hardware, RIRI is correct.


Jan 19, 2006
The reference library on this forum is also quite useful. I don't think you'll find one below 200 unless it's in fairly poor condition... or unless you get crazy lucky.


Jun 7, 2006
I've seen some Sophia's sell under $200 on ebay, generally if the seller has posted bad photos, it's not a really desirable color or in fair condition. The better condition Sophia's sell anywhere in the $200's depending on color, and brand new one's sell for over $300.

If you see a color combination you like and you want to confirm, search the forum for that color and hopefully some photos will show up. You can also search the leather variations thread for the specific post if that color is referenced in there.