Gently used Caramel Day bag arrived

  1. I've never been a big fan of used items, but when it's a great deal and the bag is still in excellent condition, why not?? I'm glad I made the purchase.

    I wasn't a big fan of the Day bag until I saw Katie Holmes sport a green big buckle day bag in the St. Paddy's day photo in the gossip tabloids. Ever since then, I've been on the lookout for a Day bag and the caramel is one of my favorite neutral colors!

    It's wonderful! No wonder why we're all B-Bag lovers!

  2. Yea!! :yahoo: Gorgeous!!

    Is this the one from AFF? I've had one eye on that one, but was never able to convince myself to take the plunge into the "Day Club"... It's coming in the future though...

    Beautiful color!!
  3. Gorgeous color!!!
  4. If you got this from AFF, I almost bought it. But I want to wait for the AnthraDay come out.
  5. Bags4Bubbles: It is the one from AFF!! I thought the price was just too good to let go and trust me, I don't have extra mulah for goodies like a BBag right now, but I simply couldn't resist :p

    oo_let_me_see: Thank you!! I'm actually replacing a VERY old 6-7 YO original Coach hobo bag in the Doe color. This caramel color is much fresher and weighs lighter on the shoulders too!
  6. Beautiful bag!! I love the color..
  7. Bags4Bubbles: I forgot to mention, you won't be disappointed with the Day. I wasn't an easy convert to Day either, but after seeing pictures of it on celebrities, I know why it's a good choice. It's easy to carry on the shoulders when you want free hands. I have 2 city bags (Black and Greige) but they're just different styles that I also love.

    Virtual Shopper: Yup, it's the AFF bag :smile:
  8. Oh you're so lucky it's beautiful, I can't wait to join the day club one day:smile:
  9. The colour is sooo yummy makes me think of summer and holidays and ice cream ... congratz your bag is beautiful! :nuts:
  10. Caramel '05 is one of my all time fav colors!!! Congrats it is a beauty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Excuse my ignorance, but what is AFF?
    it's an online consignment store. they sell new and used authentic designer items, and ann really IS fabulous. :smile:

    newport girl, your bag is BEAUTIFUL! congrats!!!!
  13. love this colour. its gorgeous. congrats!!
  14. I think it's actually the 06 Camel. Lovely bag, nonetheless!
  15. Caramel Day is one my old time favorites too. :wlae: Congrats :yahoo: and enjoy it in good health.:heart: