gently loved ink hobo/day on e-bay $899 BIN

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  1. Ohh so pretty looking!
  2. 0o0o INK - i just love it!
  3. That looks so nice and smooshy! Just wonderful!
  4. mine :smile: thanks - sadly the gambling story is true! (I did just receive my GORGEOUS mini twiggy (teal) from lovey!!! I'll post pics soon
  5. love ink and this is a fabulous looking hobo. quite a steal too!
  6. Beautiful bag and a great price. I am tempted.:yes:
  7. mocean, was that yours before??:nuts: I remembered its smooshiness:P
  8. already gone with BIN :wtf:
  9. yep- this one was my first bbag... *sigh* I hope it finds a loving home! it's a traveler for sure!

    I miss this one quite a bit actually...
  10. Well, I'm's me, I purchased it and I'm SOOOOO excited! :yahoo: :nuts: :happydance: I've been debating about getting a day and I can't wait to see this beauty in INK!!! YIPEEEE!! 3 bags in the last 1 1/2 months....yeeekkkk, I think it's time to hide my credit card :shame:
  11. woooooooooooo-whoooooooooooo, congrats emanu, you're gonna love the hobo/day style :yahoo:
  12. As I said in the auction - I hand rubbed the apple conditioner lotion into by hand (at work - with nothin to do :smile:) so its really really exceptional. I mean it was when I got it too - but you'll love it. Running to the P.O. at lunch break! thanks again
  13. rocco,

    I'm so excited. I can't wait to get it!!

    Thank you!!

  14. mocern,

    I will truly LOVE this!! Please rest assured that it found a VERY loving home :cutesy:
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