Gently Carrierd Balenciaga Light Blue 'Day' Bag for sale

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  1. wow, gorgeous 05 bag at a great price!!! wish i liked light blue bags...
  2. thanks. it's just not my color. i'll keep checking a good deal on this site.
  3. wow great price.
  4. Where do you guys see the price of the Steal?

    For the other bags, there is no Steal price listed....?
  5. The only balenciaga for sale is the Light Blue Day. All the other ones are to rent.
  6. I love Blue.. but luckily it's just not my Blue :p
  7. looks like somebody got it! isn't available anymore
  8. I still see it. Click on the link above. it will take you to it.
  9. You have to become a registered member (free) in order to view the bags for sale.
  10. It's still there. Good price but the color is too light for my taste.
  11. somebody must have it in their cart...........
  12. Ah. I see. Thanks.