Gentle punch

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  1. Hi there!
    When talking about gentle relations about 2 women, I have no better example than this - - internet traffic and fun
    Isn't it sad that women sometimes are more rude than men!?
  2. Sad? Rude?? You're kidding right... Women are vicious!! LoL! Have you never been to a really great SALE?? Or, strangely enough, a family gathering that has lots of great food but YOU WILL NEVER make in the line because it's ALL elbows and pushing to get the best!! LoL! Tell me something new !!
  3. I've SEEN that video! It took place at a PTA meeting! The woman getting punched is a teacher that said "Terry has THC in her system." Terry is the other woman's daughter, and she was implying that Terry was a frequent pot user.

    Terry's mother then just punched her.
  4. That's one of the strangest first posts I've ever seen on this forum.....

  5. Lol! Seriously!
  6. yeah... i'm not surprised. and lol @ chag. it's a lot WORSE when a great sale.. ENDS.

    i like to believe that the male equivalent is when sony or nintendo release their next generation video gaming systems/video game. like the fighting/riots for a stupid playstation 3.
  7. LOL!!!!:roflmfao:
  8. omg poor woman!