Gentle Eye-Gels for females under 25?

  1. Can you ladies please recommend some products that you find suitable for girls under 25 (not looking for anti-wrinkle eye creams). I would really like something gentle and primarily to MOISTURIZE!

    Thanks so much!
  2. Clinique All About Eyes is a good one to start with.
  3. An Anti-wrinkle cream is a moisturizing cream. The molecules are meant to plump the skin up and fill it out thus eliminating the lines. It's never too early to take care of your skin. Maybe try MAC Fast Response Eye Cream. It moisturizes and contains caffeine to help eliminate puffiness.
  4. It's not necessary to use anti wrinkles creams at such a young age. Actually it's pretty bad, the ingredients are too strong for a skin that doesn't need it. So have said all dermatologists and beauty shops assistants anyways.....
    A good one I used was Lancôme "Hydra Zen", also used the face moisturizer. Feels great, hydrates well ,and helps a little against pufiness and dark circles.
  5. Oil of Olay and the Body Shop both make a moisturizing eye gel. Both are priced about $10 last time I checked.
  6. thanks girls!
    any more suggestions?

    how about chanel's age delay gel (precisionline?) the SA suggested it but I never trust SA words! hehe
  7. ^^ Yup I was just about to recommend this line to you. I started using it when I was 21 and still use it 7 years later. My skin happens to love it and it doesn't break me out (a common problem for me), you have to try it for yourself though. I have moved on from the Age Delay eye gel after one bottle as I thought it did absolutely nothing for me - feels like water. I now use Rectifiance eye cream (it's not a big deal to use
    a moisturizing cream, you're not too young). I still use Age delay night cream (LOVE it) and the lotion with SPF 15 (also LOVE).

    Good luck!