Geniuene coach no longer "lines up" the CC??

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  1. new to the board, this is my first post.

    I am just discovering coach and someone recommended this forum. I purchased the Legacy leather swing pack and the skinny mini in the same style plus a few scarfs.

    I was looking into the COACH HERITAGE STRIPE SMALL ZIP SATCHEL in the brown. I went to the store looked at it and sure enough the CCs do not match up the front with the sides or the bottom. this was one of the many offical stores in NYC. I always thought only the fake ones didnt match up. Indeed i looked at all the others ones in the store that were not from this collection did look like they matched up.

    this a pic from the offical site and you can see the top of the side does not match the pocket. is his new that they will no longer match up? but doesnt that make them look fake? isnt that the point of a "luxury" brand - the attention to detail?

    Sorry if this had been discussed here before. :shame::sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop:
  2. Welcome to the boards!!!!!

    I know this has been discussed before in various other threads but I don't think it's had it own dedicated thread though. LOL :P But yes, the C's no longer line up so you can not depend on that to tell you whether it's a fake or not.

    This is an irritant for me. I was all set last year to buy a chelsea sig tote…..until I saw it in person. The "mis-matchy" of the C's totally threw it off. :crybaby: So I don't buy sig fabric bags anymore.
  3. Hi! welcome and thanks for the good question b/c I have always thought that the C's had to mirror. Not necessarily line up perfect but mirror non the less.
  4. Thank you :smile:

    hmmmm so mirroring and matching are the same? so it can mirror like side to side here, but not match it like this bag (also from the official site?

  5. I am totally confused now, although I am headed out to the eye dr. right now so it could be me. I thought they mirrored as well.
  6. i didn't realize that till now.
  7. right! the side doesn't align perfectly to the front but the pattern is completely mirrored. (i don't know how to explain without sounding confusing.)
  8. I have a top handle pouch authenticated here a few days ago and i was told it was authentic. I was worried because the c's were not exactly lined up along the seams on one side of the bag, i was told it was normal.
  9. I think it also has to do with the shape of the bag. My med. Carly lines up almost exactly on the seams, but the sig. Zoes, with the curved sides and bottom, would be impossible to have all the C's line up on. The C's should be symmetrical and centered on the front and back of thr bag though, if it is the traditional sig pattern and not optic or something. :yes:
  10. The C's are still symmetrical from left to right. If it starts with a specific C on the left, it will be the exact same C on the Right.
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    Last edited: Aug 12, 2008
    I have that same satchel and love it. Here's a picture of mine from the side. It doesn't bother me at all.

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  12. One thing I did notice though is that the turnlock on one side, although in the center of the fabric is a little off with the Cs. I was going to exchange it, but I think I can live with it.
  13. In the past I thought they did... my most recent purchases do not match up perfectly. My capacity wristlet is very close though
  14. They seem to be getting slopy imo.... I've seen several crooked turnlocks in the store
  15. When i asked about this concerning the patent stripe tote.. on the bottom they do not line up and on the sides they are off.. the SA said that lining up does not concern coach anymore. they are concerned on the materials used to make it. she also said that a coach bag is defined by the materials and not the alignment anymore